Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peasant's Palace - A journey of life through daily food.

Peasant's palace is a blog that I started by suggestion from my other 1/2.  Food is central to our lives.  We would rather stay in and cook than go out.  Sometimes I cook other people's recipes, sometimes I'm feeling creative and make up my own.  Almost every day Dinner is prepared at home and we sit down and eat in the DINING ROOM!!!  With the good silver! 

Through the blog I'll post what we eat and how it was.  If it's a recipe from someone, I'll give you access to it, let you know how it turned out, and if there were any issues.  If I created it, I'll create a recipe for that as well. 

We also have a rather large city garden.  We try to grow as much as we can.  We are obsessed with good tomatoes and everything that comes from the garden.  I'll try to show this progress as well. If you have any questions or comments let me know.



  1. There is definitely no peasant in your palace! This is great and I can eat what you eat just one day behind! I love you jk and rg!