Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sesame Chicken, a lighter version

Since I found my new soy sauce, I had to try it in something......  Sesame chicken sounded really tasty and it's super easy.

Make some white rice, sticky rice is what we like in this house.  We make it in our Zojirushi rice maker.  It's perfect every time.  

Mix two egg whites and 1/4 cup of cornstarch together until smooth.  cube up three chicken breasts or 6 thighs.  Season with salt and pepper and add to egg/starch mixture.  Make a sauce that consists of 2T of sesame seeds, 3T of honey, 2T of soy sauce, and a clove of minced garlic.  Set this aside.  Prepare some broccoli for the steamer and have it ready to go. 

When the rice is almost done saute the chicken in two batches.  The egg white mix will make all the chicken pieces stick together a little bit, so just separate them as you cook them.  A nonstick pan is best for this.  Turn the broccoli on so it starts to steam.  Brown the second batch of chicken and then return the first batch back to the pan.  Thinly slice 4 scallions and add to the chicken.  Also add the sauce that we made earlier. Allow the sauce to simmer for a minute and its done.  Put some rice on a plate then top with the chicken and the broccoli.

This is a great dish because it is not so heavy.  The flavors are simple, fresh, and clean. 

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