Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines day dinner

Every year for V Day we stay in.  Ignore the crowds, the PDA, and the overpriced not worth it meals.  This year was no different.  We had a bottle of 2006 Childress Vineyards Meritage that we wanted to open and Fillet was a good pairing.

The french green beans look so boring here.  They really were quite tasty.  Tossed with some white pepper and our best olive oil in the house.  Potatoes were roasted with herbs de Provence and some olive oil as well.  The steaks were the show stopper for this meal. I went to three different grocery stores to get what I wanted and then had to have them cut.  Why is it so hard to buy a decent piece of meat.  Fleur de sel, pepper, and olive oil is all I put on the steaks.  I do this a few hours before cooking so they have a chance to absorb some of the flavor.  These guys were about 3 inches thick so I grilled them on screaching hot for 6 minutes per side for a perfect medium rare.  I took them off when they registered about 114 internally with my Rosle thermometer.

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